“Donna lifted so much weight off of my shoulders! I was buried under clutter and stress. With her help my life is simply more enjoyable.”
— Liz G.

“My wife and I are both ‘collectors’ and we’ve ended up with more stuff than we have places to put it. Donna was great at helping us figure out what was really collectable and what was just ‘wannabe’ collectable. The hardest problem for us was realizing that our wealth of stuff was not really wealth at all. A lot of what we were keeping was nothing more than a troublesome burden on us. Donna helped us realize this, and parting with things that we had thought of as valuable became a lot easier. With Donna’s help, we began to logically think through why we should do away with a lot of it. Our storage spaces are now neat and organized. Our true collectables are finally getting the respect they deserve! Finally, thanks to her tips and solutions, we are avoiding the accumulation of more stuff and staying clutter-free!”
— Rob H.

“Donna worked her magic in our home. She is fast, thorough, and such a joy to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
— Jan S.

“Being organized allows me to be more efficient in my daily life. No more wasting time looking for things! This service is a true value, worth every penny!”
— Larry T.

“I am generally a pretty organized person, and I’m not one to ask for help, but I found myself in a pinch! I was faced with needing to move my household sooner than expected. Donna came highly recommended, so I gave her a call. I was overwhelmed, and needed her help more than I realized. It was the best call I could have made! We got to work with a steady swift vigor! Along the way, I learned so much from her expertise of organization. Donna came in and with a natural sense of order, knew just what to do. Her experience and attention to detail made the process as smooth as I could have ever asked for. She is professional, respectful, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with. I give her a 5-star recommendation!”
— Casey C.

“Our move was a breeze thanks to Donna’s help. Hire Till You’re Organized whenever you need organizational help.”
— Jerry M.

“Donna promises to stay at it Till You’re Organized and she means it! Having Donna Till in my home has changed everything for me. My husband was going to leave me. I knew I had to get my life organized, but I didn’t know where to start. Then came Donna! The first time we talked about my problems I knew she was the one to help me. She had such a positive attitude! She kept that big beautiful smile the whole time we were together. Now she monitors my progress and is always available for advise and encouragement. I cannot recommend Donna Till and Till You’re Organized highly enough. If you need someone to help organize, call Donna. You will be delighted with your new life!”
— Peggy C.

“I recently moved into a new apartment after 15 years! I was referred to Donna Till by a good friend and she helped me so much. She organized my kitchen (I’m a professional chef so that was a big and very important task. I have a lot of kitchen stuff!), my closets, and she really helped me go through all of my pictures. That was quite a job, but so rewarding! It was especially helpful to have her help me go through the boxes and boxes of stuff that I have  collected over the years. They are now sifted through and I’m enjoying my hidden treasures once again! I would highly recommend her…she helped me more than I can say! I learned a lot from Donna. She was very efficient and  totally professional, dealing with me in a non-judgmental way. Thanks Donna! You really helped me make this big transition easy!”
— Gary O.

“Having someone come into my personal disarray of clutter was not easy for me. As a gift, my good friend hired Donna to come in and help me with one particular bedroom that I needed to rehabilitate. Wow! I couldn’t believe the relief I felt! The sense of order and warmth replacing the mess felt so cozy. I didn’t realize my cluttered life was weighing me down. So, I hired her for more help. Today my bedrooms, closets, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and garage are all organized, thanks to Donna’s dedicated hard work. She came into my home with a positive attitude, no judgement, saw the tasks at hand, and did an amazing job. She listened to my wants and needs, and always with respect, got to work. Making decisions wasn’t easy for me, but with her help, it became easier and easier. I never felt discouraged. Organizing the obvious stuff was incredibly rewarding, and the bonus of finding  cherished items of my past was a thrill. Then we found good homes for the rest of the things I didn’t really want or need. What a huge relief! As a result of her work my home is inviting, manageable, and home I enjoy living in more than ever!”
— Lois S.

“Going into our garage was not pleasant to say the least. It was dreadful. Just thinking about organizing it was a daunting task, let a lone actually taking it on. The reality was that it needed to be done. Donna assessed the situation and, with a lot of hard work and creativity, turned our long time burden into a functional garage, where we can find things quickly and easily. She created streamline systems which are easy for us to manage and maintain. The hours it took her to complete this feat will be appreciated for years! We’ll see her soon though, because we have more projects to tend to.”
— Betty & Frank R.

“WOW! What a difference! Having a home office is hard, especially when the space/room is used for so much more. The room was overwhelming to me and it was easier for me just to pile more stuff on top of what was already there. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t want to spend any time in there at all. Donna was great. She really helped me get organized. She was very understanding and made me feel comfortable, and not embarrassed by my clutter. She helped me to see the possibilities for an orderly office space in a room that included an art center and reading area. We used the furniture that I already had and we sorted out a lot of stuff! I love how easy it is to find things now. Thank you Donna for your hard work. You are so worth it!”
— Jane W.