• Residential – Organizing all spaces, such as  bedrooms, living rooms, closets, kitchens, children’s rooms,  garages, etc.
  • Office – Organizing work space, filing systems, time and information management
  • Moving/Relocation Services – Helping you pack, unpack, and assist with managing all aspects of your move
  • RV Transition – Help with all aspects of moving from a land locked home into an RV
  • Downsizing – Help with all aspects of moving into a smaller space
  • Garage – Often the garage is the most disorganized place of the home.
  • Storage Units – Help with downsizing or possibly eliminating your storage unit altogether.


  • Fees vary depending upon the scope of the project. After the initial phone conversation, the next step is to schedule an Assessment visit. At that time I will gather the information needed to provide you with a Proposal

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